A nest for the eagle.

film / video

Early morning, a father and son work at their garden to avoid the heat. Under those limes trees the air is cool. They take care of their citric trees, removing weeds and plowing the soil. We are their guest in Attil, their beaten home town. Talha talks with my friend Alice about the root of the word “atom”, the essence of life. Time passes by and so the news. I listen his father’s litany, recounting an old Arabic poem. It is too difficult to translate. We better sing a song by Dean Martin instead. “When marimba rhythms start to play, dance with me…”. Talha sets the fire and makes our tea. He piles up stones while his father hopes that youth could come back again.

This film was made while working as educator in the the project “Through sea to see”, establishing a school of arts in Tulkarem district. Palestine. The project was organized by Dar-Qandeel For Arts and Culture and BÖTTI DU SHCÖGGIU.

Running time: 12 min
HD video