Mirando adentro-mirando afuera

education and collaborations

Video workshop in collaboration with Oscar Ivan García and Azicatch.

La Chorrera, Colombia

August 9- August 21, 2013

This initiative involves the indigenous communities of La Chorrera, in partnership with Azicatch supporting an educational plan that draws the attention of young generations towards their own culture and identity through the use of video and storytelling.
Leaving a side for a moment the technicalities involved in video making we focus instead on the image making and the development of a unique filmic language.
We create experiences that pays attention to light, sound, landscape and portraiture. We spent time reviewing the material and learnt ways to talk about the images we are producing. This workshop is a process of learning and discovering new methods of filmmaking. An important part of this initial experience was to get to know the group and the community. Also, to set up the foundation for future work.